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Caribbean ban on Falkland ships? Don’t panic!

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The good people of Stanley must have been devastated to learn that some islands in the Caribbean had decided to ban Falklands-flagged ships from their waters. How would the Falklands survive this economic stranglehold?

The Stabroek News in Guyana says it was all a bit of a muddle. ‘Just in case anyone believes that Caricom states are still capable of consistently clever diplomacy, then think again,’ it says, noting that the prime ministers of three Caribbean islands have signed statements of support for both sides in the Stanley Standoff.

‘This has been interpreted by some as an agreement to ban Falkland flag carriers, which would be fairly meaningless since there is no direct trade between the Falklands and the Caribbean.’

The article’s headlined ‘Flip-flopping on the Falklands’, and that may explain the whole problem: unsuitable footwear.

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