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Bikers look set to get round Ascension petrol ban

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Stunt rider hangs on to his bike, legs out, as it leaps through the air
That’s one way to get over the petrol ban. Picture: Des Colhoun/

Motorcyclists look set to get round a ban on importing petrol-powered vehicles on Ascension Island.

The ban was imposed because of difficulties importing petrol in large quantities. Island residents were told they should switch to diesel vehicles.

But island councillor Kitty George said diesel-powered motorcycles were hard to find. At a recent meeting of the island council, she asked the administrator to use his powers to waive the restriction.

One rider was refused to bring a new bike ashore after trying to import it on the latest visit of the RMS St Helena. Councillor George asked for it to be allowed through customs after all.

The administrator, Colin Wells, agreed to issue new guidance, but said the ban on petrol-driven cars would remain in place, reports The Islander website.

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