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Banjo heads for second win in Governor’s Cup yacht race

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Banjo, photographed in 2009. Source:
Banjo, photographed in 2009. Source:

The lead yachts in the Governor’s Cup yacht race have passed the half-way mark in their voyage from South Africa to St Helena.

With a strong lead, the racing multihull Banjo looks set to be the first across the line for the second time in a row.

But light winds that have plagued the fleet meant the yacht was unlikely to match its 2010 finish time of 9 days, 18 hours and 59 seconds.

On that occasion it was sailed by just two crew with a borrowed spinnaker and few comforts aboard. The yacht now has a new owner, Kevin Webb, who has fitted out the yacht at its base in South Africa’s St Helena Bay.

Kevin has 40 years of racing experience, but the Governor’s Cup is his first “true” off-shore event, according to the race website. His two crew include his son, Miles, a yacht delivery skipper and a national racing champion.

Patches, with a St Helena crew under skipper Hedge Shuter, lay well behind the bulk of the fleet at the end of Day 7 (28 December 2012), but JML Rotary Scout, with two island scouts aboard, was one of a group of yachts all with just under 1,000 miles still to sail.

Read the half-way stage report by official race journalist Sue Pelling here.

map day 7


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