Girls at risk as Ascension declines, says Guardian writer

Long-held resentments over treatment of Saints on Ascension have been aired in a lengthy article on the UK’s Guardian website. It accuses the UK of depopulating the island – with teenagers facing sexual pressures as a result. Writer Fred Pearce says people who have lived on the island all their lives are being forced out […]

Docking procedures complete: wharf plan moves ahead

The dream of ships berthing at a permanent dock in St Helena has moved closer to reality. Approval has been given for work on the proposed permanent wharf in Rupert’s Valley to move to a final design stage. It was not made clear whether any other hurdles would have to be cleared, apart from gaining […]

Saint FM is back on the web

The Saint FM website is back online at, after computer wizard Johnny Clingham managed to sort out a problem with its registration. The St Helena Independent can also be downloaded from the site.

Airport stoppage ends with promise of no reprisals

A two-day strike by South African workers on St Helena’s airport project has ended. Sixty five workers were reported to have returned to work after a meeting with management related to employment conditions. Basil Read, the company building the airport, said the workers’ grievances did not relate to living conditions in the workers’ accommodation at […]

African airport workers down tools in St Helena’s first strike

South Africans working on St Helena’s airport have gone on strike, in what is thought to be the first industrial action on the island in half a century. It is understood they are in dispute over employment terms and conditions. The upset appears to relate to the pre-fabricated steel huts built to house workers at […]

Luck of the draw for airline bidder

The team hoping to launch an airline to serve St Helena has been given a significant financial boost at the annual Reading Sports. Carl Haslam and his colleagues had turned up to share their plans with UK Saints, and hand out free pens. In an interview, they were politely coy about their funding sources, but […]

Eddie puts up his own cash to start kidney fund

A fund has been launched to save the lives of people on St Helena who have kidney disease. Eddie Leo put up £200 to start the fund after a neighbour died because the island had no dialysis machine to take over the work of patients’ failed kidneys. He handed it over to the St Helena […]

Wrangham’s wrangle exposes conflicts over heritage

A plan to remove heritage protection from one of St Helena’s historic houses has been thrown out by councillors. They acted only days after The Castle issued a newsletter about the importance of the island’s built heritage for future tourism. From the upstairs windows of Wrangham’s, one might have seen Napoleon wander down to take […]

Heritage may be ‘critical’, but making money comes first

With its unchanged Georgian capital, clifftop defences and country mansions, St Helena’s built heritage has been described as globally important. Government policies say it is key to hopes of attracting tourists to an island without beaches or guaranteed sunshine. “Conservation of the historic built environment is critical to the success of tourism growth,” says the […]

Saint FM posts more winning Sports pictures

Some of the medal winners at the annual Reading Sports were simply too quick for St Helena Online’s photographer; they got away without being snapped. But their pictures may well appear in the galleries Johnny Clingham has posted on the St Helena Community Radio website. They run to several pages and they’re here: