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Arcadia victim apologises to Saints for wasted welcome

Arcadia lies off shore, viewed down Main Street, Jamestown
Arcadia lies off shore, viewed down Main Street, Jamestown

Cruise passengers continue to express their anger at ship’s officers on board the MV Arcadia who decided a “millpond sea” was too dangerous for them to be allowed to go ashore at St Helena.

Now one disgruntled victim of the decision has apologised to islanders for their wasted efforts to lay on a traditional St Helena welcome for hundreds of passengers who denied the chance to visit the island.

A St Helena Online reader signing himself “Jackall” has sent the following message:

“We were aboard Arcadia and like every other passenger on board were excited about visiting the island.

“We were astonished when we were told we were not going ashore. Personally I may never get the chance to visit St Helena again and feel so cheated.

“I would like to apologise on behalf of the passengers who were never made aware by P&O of all the trouble and expense you went to, to make our visit memorable. We are so sorry.”

P&O Cruises has ignored several requests to acknowledge the frustration of islanders who took days off, spent time and money preparing food for visitors, or insured vehicles to use as taxis.

Johnny Clingham’s St Helena Community website now has links to an online forum that charts continuing dissatisfaction with P&O Cruises. Read it here.


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  • P&O is a commercal organisation and relies on its reputation, so I hope all of its customers who were dissatisfied by this incident have made formal complaints to P&O about the decision.

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