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Alfreda lands a first in live internet ‘exam’

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Alfreda Yon achieved something of a world first when she secured her degree-level qualification in management.

Completing her final assessment was a feat of management in itself.

It was meant to involve a face-to-face interview with her examiners – in the UK. It evidently took some effort to persuade the Chartered Management Institute that she really couldn’t travel thousands of miles by sea and air, just to have a chat.

In the end, she was allowed to undergo her final professional interview via an “intercall”, by computer.

An SHG spokesman said: “The Chartered Management Institute do not normally hold the professional interview until they have more than three candidates, and they were hoping Alfreda could make the trip to the UK for this.

“After much explanation about St Helena’s isolation, CMI agreed to do an intercall session, which was conducted in April 2012 in SHG’s server room. This initially proved difficult as it was the first time something like this was held.”

“The intercall session is similar to a video conference or tele conference, but via a computer instead.  An invitation was sent, which provided passwords to give Alfreda access to a conference room in UK.

“Alfreda uploaded her presentation on the screen and they were able to follow, and speak through headphones and mic.”

In the end, Alfreda got the news she was hoping for: that she had earned a Level 5 Diploma in project and programme management, equivalent to a university degree.

Tutor Charlene Farley congratulated her, saying: “Alfreda should be exceptionally pleased with her achievement.

“An astonishing number of delegates who start their studies do not actually finish, due to the sheer amount of work involved.”

The course involved completing 13 units of study, on top of a busy job as a manager in SHG’s corporate procurement unit.

Most units involved writing a submission of at least 5,000 words.

Alfreda said: “I am very pleased with the result. Even though my assignments were completed over six months ago, the wait has been worth it.”

Her boss, Dr Corinda Essex, said: “She deserves to feel very proud of her achievement. Her success is a shining example to other young professionals on St Helena.”


Another proof that the Saints have great potential! Congratulations Alfreda!

– Doreen Gatien, USA

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