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Airport jobs are not a licence for banned drivers, say police

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Banned drivers and learners employed on St Helena’s airport project have been warned they must not drive in public places while at work.

People without a valid licence can drive on construction sites with consent from airport contractor Basil Read – but the exemption does not cover the whole of the development area.

Sergeant Ray Bloye of St Helena Police said: “There has been at least one occasion of a learner driver driving unsupervised whilst working for Basil Read. This was on the road at Rupert’s.

“Police have also received reports of disqualified drivers being employed by Basil Read. This is for Basil Read to decide if those drivers can drive on their construction sites (they have their own insurance and risks assessments) but they cannot drive on public roads/places.”

Construction sites include the new haul road and land where work is being carried out at Bradleys, but not the road to Bradleys.

Sergeant Bloye said: “Basil Read employees who are disqualified, are learners, or under age, should make their driver status known to Basil Read for them to make their decision as to whether they can drive on construction sites only.”

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