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A political animal at Blue Hill? (update: mystery solved)

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Cats aren’t renowned for their political activity. Or any activity, in fact. And yet the evidence of a recent constituency meeting seems to suggest that in Blue Hill at least, they take an informed interest in public affairs.

At the back of the hall, nine members of the public were stretching themselves out… and in the row in front, facing the councillors, there was a cat.

The debate evidently wasn’t enthralling. The cat was having a good old lick.

Maybe it was there because of the current concerns about growing numbers of rats on the island. From the feline point of view, there probably aren’t enough.

We wait to see the furry one nominated to take Michael Benjamin’s seat on the legislative council. It’s not that silly an idea: in the UK town of Hartlepool, a man dressed as a monkey stood for election as mayor.

He won.


Her name is Tiger, she’s very friendly to anyone who wants to stroke her and she likes to visit the Blue Hill Community Centre and take an active interest in local events.  I have no idea of her political ambitions but she was born and bred on St Helena so I guess she has the necessary status, though she isn’t yet 18 so I don’t know if she can stand for council.  Which is a shame because I’m sure she would be purr-fect.

John Turner, St Helena
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