DfID sets out to tackle St Helena diabetes and cut aid

The diabetes crisis on St Helena has been picked out as one of the main targets for action by the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID). It also wants to reduce the island’s dependence on British aid. The incidence of the killer disease is five times higher on St Helena than the global average – […]

My sadness and anger at diabetes crisis, by writer Doreen

One in seven people on St Helena has diabetes – one of the highest rates for the disease on the planet. The scale of the crisis moved DOREEN GATIEN, a Saint writer now living in California, to make a cry from the heart.   To say that I am really sorry to hear about the […]

Killer diabetes puts island under strain, says the Castle

A rapid rise in diabetes cases is putting putting massive pressure on St Helena’s economy – as well as wrecking lives. The island now has one of the worst rates of type 2 diabetes in the world, per head of population. St Helena Government says the steep rise is partly down to increased testing, as […]

Diabetes cases soar as island struggles with cost of healthcare

One in seven people on St Helena has been diagnosed with diabetes – an increase of more than ten per cent in just two years. On 1 March 2013 there were 645 islanders being treated for the disease, which doubles the risk of early death.  In March 2011, the figure was “about 570”, according to […]

Diabetes target ‘unlikely to be met’

Mixed results have been reported on efforts to tackle St Helena’s massive diabetes problem – one of the worst in the world. Health workers have succeeded in performing annual checks on registered diabetics, according to the aide memoire issued at the end of the annual Development Assistance Planning Mission from the UK. But it adds: […]

Higher taxes for the highest earners: tough budget makes unpopular decisions ‘for the many, not the few’

A higher rate of income tax has been introduced on St Helena as part of a tough Budget that has caused “disquiet” for some. But Financial Secretary Colin Owen said it was a Budget for the benefit of the many, not the wealthiest few. The highest earners will pay 31% tax on all income over […]

Hotelier Hazel, her dad, and thousands of dead crocodiles

The crocodiles of the Okavanga Delta learned the hard way that it didn’t do to get into Bobbie Wilmot’s line of fire. Some people on St Helena have learned the same about his daughter Hazel, the feisty owner of the Consulate Hotel in Jamestown. She knows what she thinks is right and what she thinks […]

St Helena shows UK the way with fizzy drinks tax

St Helena appears to be showing Britain the way to tackle obesity, by introducing a sugar tax. A levy on high-sugar drinks was announced in the island’s budget in the very month that England’s chief medical officer warned that the British government might have to consider such a measure. But Dame Sally Davies said she […]

‘Health of the island’ study will guide future care

Patterns of illness on St Helena are to be studied to help re-shape the health service on the island – where rates of diabetes and hypertension are among the highest in the world. IAN RUMMERY, chairman of the the island’s public health committee, explains why big changes are needed – with more patients being sent […]

The Risk Assessment: Castle responds to doctor’s comments

Dr Ahmad Risk ended a two-month stint as a locum medic in Jamestown’s hospital by telling Saint FM listeners his views on the state of healthcare on St Helena. He had high praise for staff, but also raised concerns about facilities, the airport, and the alarming number of people suffering diabetes and hypertension. St Helena […]