It’s all light on the night as Christmas comes to Jamestown

The Festival of Lights in Jamestown gets brighter every year. A replica RMS St Helena rolled down Main Street and in the bay, the real ship was lit up for her final Christmas. A large aircraft and even an air traffic control tower rumbled down through town as well, along with cheerleaders from Pilling School and […]

Wass editorial

(This editorial appeared in the St Helena Independent).  There are 307 pages of the Wass Report, and only one good joke. It’s on page 42, where Governor Capes explains why he was sent to St Helena: “…they needed someone who knew about Overseas Territories and how to get things done. My nickname was The Enforcer.” […]

Airport road name honours Sharon’s memory

The memory of Sharon Wainwright, who led the push for air travel to St Helena, is to be honoured in the naming of a section of the airport access road. Wainwright Way was one of seven winning entries in a competition to find names for sections of the road, originally built to carry construction traffic […]

Rape victim left with HIV

A woman was found to have been infected with HIV – the virus linked to AIDS – after being raped by an overseas worker on St Helena, according to the Wass Inquiry report. It says the worker was temporarily employed on the island’s airport project. The report says HIV/AIDS was recorded on the island for […]

Alleged illegal sterilisation of mother shocks inquiry team

A mother is alleged to have been illegally sterilised while giving birth at Jamestown Hospital, the Wass Inquiry reveals. It says she was delivering her child by Caesarean section when she was sterilised “without her prior knowledge or consent” by the doctor looking after her. “This is a shocking allegation which, if true, would constitute […]

Charity chief rejects criticism of report that sparked scandal

Experts at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation have expressed surprise at the Wass Inquiry’s finding that sex abuse on St Helena is very limited. “It is typically the case that… reported cases are but the tip of the iceberg,” says the abuse charity’s director of research, Donald Findlater. “The inquiry panel appears not to even acknowledge this […]

Island’s accuser ‘should never have been given job’

Claire Gannon should never have been employed to run St Helena’s badly neglected social services department, the Wass Inquiry has found. When the job went badly wrong she went to the media with allegations of corruption and widespread abuse. The Wass report says she had not been involved in front-line social work “for some considerable […]

How a ‘lazy, horrible’ man got glowing reference for post

Martin Warsama came highly praised when he applied for a social work job on St Helena, even though the Wass corruption inquiry later found him to be “incompetent, lazy and divisive”. And it was no wonder that his future boss saw nothing wrong with his job reference – because she wrote it herself. Claire Gannon was […]

Capes blamed for failures to heed warnings that led to scandal

Governor Mark Capes failed to act on warnings of serious problems that led to St Helena being unfairly mired in scandal, according to the Wass Inquiry report. It says he “must be held responsible” for the island being left without any social workers for nine months, and for the lack of a foster care system that […]