‘No credible evidence’ as whistle-blowers are cleared again

Experts have dismissed serious criticisms of the whistle-blowers who triggered investigations into sex abuse on St Helena. Their professional body in London has declared there was “no credible evidence” that the two social workers were unfit to practise. The finding renews questions about the way Claire Gannon and Martin Warsama had been publicly denounced in documents published by […]

St Helena Online… merely sleeping

St Helena Online has been gently dozing for a while now while I work on more pressing matters, such as trying to progress my career and secure a qualification (with mixed results). I hope to wake it up properly in October, though it is likely to continue in fits and starts. You may start to […]

IN PICTURES: The big switch-on at St Helena’s airport

They travelled across St Helena, in poor weather, to witness the first switching-on of the many runway lights at the island’s first airport: another landmark in the progress towards its scheduled completion in February 2016. BRUCE SALT was there and has kindly sent the pictures below. He writes:  “The event was announced on Saint FM and the […]

St Helena abuse claims: archive

An investigation has been conducted during 2015 into allegations that sex abuse on the island had been covered up. The island government has introduced extensive measures to tackle the problem. Here are some of the articles published on St Helena Online during the saga: ‘No credible evidence’ as whistle-blowers are cleared again Judge goes public on […]