Eddie campaigns to honour man who saved the ebony

Filling an entire valley to make way for an airport can be done in a couple of years; paying tribute to a Saint’s bravery takes a little longer, it seems. But EDDIE DUFF is determined that Charlie Benjamin should have proper recognition for climbing a cliff to bring St Helena’s precious ebony back from apparent extinction. […]

Lost Solomon’s deeds found after 160 years

For years, it had been believed that the deeds of several historic houses on St Helena had been destroyed by fire. But then someone pulled out a drawer from a desk in Jamestown, and made a most surprising discovery. Behind the drawer, lost to sight for decades, were papers documenting the sale of properties once […]

The ‘merchant king’ suspected of intrigue with Napoleon

Saul Solomon founded a business empire that has dominated commercial life on St Helena for more than two centuries. He was also suspected of smuggling a silk ladder to Napoleon, to help him escape from exile. Now documents relating to the sale of his properties have been found in Jamestown. The long-lost title deeds of […]

Welcome to St Helena Airport…

St Helena’s airport will officially be known as… St Helena Airport. So says the 51st Airport Update, reporting the decision by executive councillors. “The name is strongly supported by the aviation industry and has instant recognition for passengers,” it says. The newsletter also reports on open days at the end of September, at which about […]

Sailing for St Helena with a floorboard for a rudder

When the rudder failed on the yacht Benguela, its crew tried lashing a floorboard to a pole to take its place. It worked, well enough to steer the 42-foot sail training vessel to within reach of rescue boats from St Helena. Now the principal of the 2 Oceans Maritime Academy in Cape Town has thanked […]