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2013 election: Lawson and Ian emerge as early leaders

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election 640Lawson Henry and Ian Rummery are emerging as clear leaders in the 2013 St Helena general election count.

The votes on every single one of the 1,267 ballot papers is being read out aloud at the count at Prince Andrew School and broadcast on live radio.

A random sample of votes from ten ballot papers showed Lawson and Ian had polled nine votes each.

The two men had declared their candidacy early on in the election race and had campaigned together, holding public meetings together around the island.

They also made history by appearing in the first-ever election address to be broadcast on television.

Nigel Dollery and Brian Isaac also performed strongly, polling seven votes each from the ten sample papers.

Other candidates polling at least five votes in the sample were Les Baldwin, Wilson Duncan, Cyril George, Stedson George, Anthony Green, Bernice Olsson, Christine Scipio o’Dean and Derek Thomas.

Some voters appeared to have favoured candidates whose names appeared at the top of the ballot paper. In the sample, the three candidates at the bottom of the ballot paper polled only one vote between them.

The 2013 election is the first to operate on the basis of a single constituency for the whole island, with all voters having the right to vote for up to 12 candidates – matching the number of seats on the Legislative Council.

However, some voters in the early sample put across against only four or five names.

St Helena Online will publish the results from a larger sample shortly.

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