After 150-plus years, Gentleman Jonathan gets his privacy

St Helena’s “creakingly old national treasure,” Jonathan the tortoise, will soon be protected from over-enthusiastic tourists, in an effort to extend the long life of the oldest known creature in the world. Work has started on building a fenced walkway at Plantation House to protect its tortoises.  by St Helena Government writer  Tortoises are sensitive creatures and, as we all […]

‘Missing’ portrait travels from Auckland… and goes missing

A portrait of a former ruler of St Helena has taken its place alongside others at the home of the island’s modern-day governors – but it very nearly failed to complete its 8,000-mile journey from New Zealand. It got lost on the way. The story began when David Nicoll of Auckland visited Plantation House and noticed that there […]

The Castle confronts homelessness and over-crowding

A new policy to help homeless people is being drawn up by St Helena Government. It will also confront the issue of over-crowding – “where this exists.” SHG disclosed work on the policy after confirming that eight families on the island were known to be at risk of losing their homes in the next months. […]

Bunny girls, bikers and dozens of dancers throng Jamestown

Only hours after dressing up for an early Hallowe’en party at High Knoll Fort, people were donning colourful fancy dress for St Helena’s annual carnival. What looked like hundreds of clowns, human insects, bunny girls and dancers of various kinds paraded from the hospital to the bottom of Jamestown. Strangely, nearly all of them were […]

Screams pierce the night in High Knoll haunting

The blood-soaked, knife-wielding maniac who lunged out of the darkness gave a whole new meaning to the term, “family butcher.” The Hallowe’en haunting of St Helena’s High Knoll Fort was declared “a fantastic night” by Nick Stevens. Click here for pictures of Hallowe’en 2012 Nick’s New Horizons youth service team had filled the gloom of the fort’s stone […]

Falklands braced for oil boom with deep-water port plan

A new deep-water port facility is planned for the Falkland Islands, reports the Mercopress news website. It says the new landing facilities will be at Port William, to avoid the environmental impact of expanding the floating dock at Stanley. The plans assume oil and gas production will have taken off within five or six years, requiring hundreds of […]

Ascension ‘off-limits’ as US prepares for Iran nuclear crisis

America is reported to have been told it cannot use Wideawake Airfield on Ascension to prepare for military action against Iran. News media around the world have picked up on the story, though The Independent in London reports that Downing Street has refused to be drawn on the affair. The Guardian says US diplomats lobbied to be […]

Deal boosts dream of high-speed internet for St Helena

Hopes of bringing high-speed internet access to St Helena have been given a strong boost with reports of a contract deal. The plan involves connecting the island to an undersea cable that eFive Telecoms wants to lay between South Africa and Brazil. The company has now awarded a contract to supply nearly ten thousand kilometres of fibre […]

Paul’s plea for a home reveals eight families at risk

Up to eight families on St Helena are known to be on the brink of losing their homes, it has emerged. But the island’s new airport workers’ camp could provide a way out of a looming crisis. St Helena Goverment says it intends to create new homes with the equipment used to build the camp by contractor Basil Read. […]

Island’s two wharf schemes both struggle for funds

Two separate plans for landing jetties on St Helena have both come up against funding shortfalls. Money has been set aside for a permanent dock in Rupert’s Bay, big enough for cargo ships to come alongside. But the latest air access newsletter confirms that the funding available is not enough to meet the expected cost. […]