St Helena Community wants to kick-start its forum

From Johnny Clingham: The St Helena & Ascension Island Community website is looking at ways to kick-start its discussion forum. Anyone with ideas to get people talking is invited to share them here:  St Helena & Ascension Island Community forum

St Helena gets RAF flight seats back – but only some of them

(St Helena Online has been off-line for a few days. This is one of the stories that were missed). The number of seats for St Helena passengers on the RAF’s Ascension flights has been doubled – but it remains lower that it was when the allocation was slashed before Christmas. Now up to 20 island passengers can travel […]

Governor praises search for Ziggy

(St Helena Online has been off-line for a few days. This is one of the stories that were missed). Tribute has been paid to people on St Helena who joined a search effort when three-year-old Ziggy Joshua went missing on the island – only days after arriving from Ascension. A message of thanks has been issued by […]

Blackout Sunday declared as St Helena is cut off from the world

September the 23rd was declared Blackout Sunday on St Helena because of a power shutdown that left it cut off from the rest of the world. The planned power outage, to allow for upgrade work, meant the island’s communications went down – and sports fans were unable to pick up overseas football commentary. Before the power […]

Scientists probe Ascension Island’s underwater mysteries

A diving expedition has yielded hundreds of pictures of Ascension Island as few people ever see it – as well as species not found there before. They show an underwater spectacle that contrasts sharply with the island’s harsh volcanic shores. Some of the most striking pictures can be found in the Galleries section of St Helena Online […]

More human bones could be found in island’s slave valley

Further human remains could yet be disturbed as work continues on St Helena’s airport project, a source has cautioned. It’s been confirmed that “a number of human bones” were found on Friday 14 September 2012, on ground being used by construction firm Basil Read as a laydown area for equipment and materials. More than 300 […]

I’ll have a Jimmy Gin and tonic, please…

In historical times, it was a rough home-made punch called arrack that kept the people of St Helena happy: now, it could be Jamestown Gin. The island’s distillery is launching it as a new product, reports Johnny Clingham on the St Helena Community website. Read his story here.

Transparency campaign prompts fear of island tensions

Campaigners have asked councillors on St Helena whether they support transparency in government. There are links to councillors’ full replies at the end of this story, and to a response from the St Helena Freedom of Information Campaign. Open government could lead to tension, grudges and feuds on St Helena, according to island councillors. Only one […]

Tristan shipwreck disaster report due ‘shortly’

A report on the cause of the shipwreck that sparked an environmental disaster for Tristan da Cunha is expected shortly, according to a senior official of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. St Helena Online had received a complaint about secrecy surrounding the grounding of the MS Oliva on Nightingale Island, leading to a fuel […]