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20 candidates bid for a part in St Helena’s future

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Twenty candidates are to fight for the 12 seats in the 2013 St Helena general election. They are:

Leslie Paul Baldwin of Half Tree Hollow
Audrey Mavis Constantine of Maldivia, Jamestown
Nigel Dollery of Pleasant View Cottage, New Ground
Wilson Charles Duncan of Old Millsite, Longwood
Gavin George Ellick of New Ground
Cyril Robert George of Clifton Cottage, Sapper Way
Stedson Robert George: of Utopia, Two Gun Saddle, Alarm Forest
Anthony Arthur Green of Oltonia, Knollcombes
Cyril Keith Gunnell of Cashem House, Napoleon Street, Jamestown
Earl Hilton Henry of Thompson’s Hill
Lawson Arthur Henry of  Sea View, Alarm Forest
Brian William Isaac of Elizium, Longwood
Brenda Elaine Moors of Alarm Forest
Bernice Alicia Olsson of  Association Hall, Main Street, Jamestown
Ian Sebastian Rummery of Alarm Forest
Christine Lilian Scipio-O’Dean of Black Field, Longwood
Derek Franklin Thomas of Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow
Lionel George Williams of Brenville, Near Half Tree Hollow
Raymond Kenneth Williams of Saddle Cottage, Near Horse Pasture, Blue Hill
Mervyn Robert Yon of High View Cottage, Near Red Hill

The names were announced by the returning officer, Gillian Francis, after nominations closed on 2 July 2013. The election takes place on 17 July, with electors able to vote for up to 12 candidates for the island’s new island-wide constituency.

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