Yacht limps for home with ‘tiny bit of sail’

The dismasted yacht Ray of Light is being sailed back to South Africa with a reduced crew of three after withdrawing from the Governor’s Cup race to St Helena. The owners’ four-year-old son, Sean Kavanagh, remains aboard.

The race website said: “They have a tiny bit of main and storm jib rigged on the remainder of the mast.”

Other crew members are returning home by road from Luderitz.

The yacht Black Cat is making for the same port after suffering near-complete electrical failure.

Skipper Dave Immelman told race organisers: “One of my crew has managed to start the engine after a number of hours with the crank handle, giving us the power we need for the VHF etc.

“However the batteries are not holding charge so we have arranged for new batteries and
an alternator to be sent to Luderitz. We hope to be back on course as soon as possible.”

Second yacht quits Governor’s Cup as mast snaps

Governor’s Cup yacht race

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