Work starts on airport haul road

Before and after images showing dense foliage, one with the dirt track winding through
NOW YOU DON’T SEE IT, NOW YOU DO: the new haul road through Bilberry Field, Longwood

Work has started on building a 14-kilometre haul road from Rupert’s Bay to the site of St Helena’s airport on Prosperous Bay Plain.

Yellow vehicle with catarpillar tracks
MIND THE BIRDS: this 70-tonne excavator will pass through Deadwood Plain

The first section has been cut through Bilberry Field, just to the north of the golf course at Longwood.

Some heavy plant, including a 70-tonne excavator, must be moved to the airport site before the haul road is in place. A temporary route up from Rupert’s via the Pipe Path and Deadwood Plain has been negotiated – through an area frequented by wirebirds.

Measures have been agreed to protect the birds.

The heaviest plant will not pass through the Deadwood and Bottom Woods area again until it is no longer needed, meaning residents will only be disturbed twice.

Saints walking through a field
SAINTS ADVISE: members of the Deadwood Syndicate

A syndicate of local people met with Basil Read staff to agree ways to minimise disruption, according to the latest airport newsletter. 

The company promises that the heavy plant will not cause environmental damage to Deadwood Plain.

Read the newsletter here.

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