ladder hill
shot in 2004
Ladder Hill was the Tower Hill of St Helena
The Islands capital
A great view shot from my DJI Drone flying over Jamestown Harbour
Rupert Beach
Easily accessible and safe
Rupert's Beach a popular black sandy beach for days out.
Boer Cemetery
Individual graves aligned
Hillside burial ground cemetery at Knollcombes

UK White Paper seeks stronger bond with Overseas Territories

The UK government says a new strategy paper “renews and strengthens Britain’s relationship with the Overseas Territories.”


However, much of the material in the paper – which runs to over 100 pages, and was due out last month – will already be familiar to people who follow affairs in Britain’s far-flung islands.

For instance, the need to protect the environment is a well-worn theme on St Helena and Saints will have little to learn from the White Paper.

The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said the policy document “demonstrates the importance the Coalition Government attaches to the Overseas Territories.

“We want the Territories to be vibrant, flourishing communities that proudly retain aspects of their British identity.

“This White Paper is designed to meet these challenges, to set out ways we can support the Territories and strengthen our engagement with them.

“It is another major milestone in our long and shared history, and I hope it will mark a new era of engagement between Britain and the Overseas Territories.”


The paper is 128 pages. I am not alone in finding it extremely disappointing. In my opinion, it provides platitudes instead of leadership.

– London Reader, UK

Prime Minister David Cameron: we’re ambitious for you
White Paper sets out need for openness in government

‘Transparency and scrutiny lead to public trust’ – White Paper
‘What’s being done to raise standards?’ asks White Paper critic
UK offers to help reduce offenders’ risk to island society

Overseas Territories White Paper

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