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Welcome to the Silver City: Bradley’s Camp

Great Stone Top

Bradley's Camp, lots of shiny steel frames with craggy skyline beyond
Bradley’s Camp: a silver city, not far from Silver Hill on St Helena (picture: air access office)

It’s springing up like some sort of township in the gold rush days; but the new airport workers’ accommodation at Bradley’s Camp on St Helena is considerably more shiny.

workers erect the steel frame for a building in the airport camp
The silver city takes shape, Picture: St Helena Government

It has been built from rolls of steel that have been extruded into the required shapes on the island – as witnessed by officials and councillors on a tour of the airport works in late June 2012.

When it is finished, the camp on the edge of Prosperous Bay Plain will have living space for 108 people, including laundry, catering and entertainment facilities.

Ninety per cent of the first phase of construction work was complete by the end of June, according to contractor Basil Read.

Great Stone Top
“I reckon that mountain’s in the way.” Picture: St Helena Government

Four fuel tanks neared completion in Rupert’s Valley, and the landing jetty in Rupert’s┬áBay was almost ready for the arrival of the airport supply ship, NP Glory 4, in early July.

Only a kilometre of the 14-kilometre access road between Rupert’s Valley and the airport site remained to be cut.

For more information, click here: St Helena Airport update – No 11

Basil Read’s Jimmy Johnston at Swindolena

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