Watersports are on the horizon – for tourists and Saints

Jamestown’s historic seafront is set to bustle with watersports activities when well-off tourists begin flying into the island from 2016 – and Saints could join the fun. 

Yachtmaster Hedge Shuter told Saint FM listeners: “People are going to want to go out sports fishing, they’re going to want to do their trips around the island.

“They they may want to take part in sailing and motorboat sports and that sort of thing.”

And Hedge, who skippered St Helena’s crew in the last Governor’s Cup yacht race from South Africa, said he wanted local people to take up more water sports too.

“We’re looking at ways that we can encourage participation in international sports, particularly when the airport opens and transport becomes easier.” 

Adapting facilities for disabled people was another aim – “and looking at ways that we can get assistance from governing bodies internationally.

“But you can only get that sort of assistance if you have properly constituted organisations on the island.

“They’re not going to give money to people for nothing, so they have to be sure that what we’ve got in place is good and sustainable.

“The knock-on effect of that is it will provide assurance for when all these tourists arrive that whatever maritime activities we’re doing here are safe and properly regulated.

“You have to have rules and regulations. That will also assist in obtaining maritime insurance, which has been a problem here in the past.”

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