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Water the lawn, and you’ll get grassed up

Police are investigating reports that people on St Helena have been wasting water – with the island only six days away from its supplies drying up in the most populated area.

A ban on using hoses and sprinklers has been imposed across the island, even though only parts of it are short of water.

Chief of Police Peter Coll said: “We have had a couple of reports about water wastage and we are investigating those. That could result in reporting those offenders, and they could end up at the magistrates court.

“It’s an anti-social crime and it’s one that’s going to be a bit embarrassing for individuals if they have to go up before the magistrates for it.

“So I’m appealing to people’s better nature: if people do see people cheating – watering, hosing –┬áif reports are received we will investigate.”

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