Tristan discovery: not quite the genuine particle?

web page: "New particle spotted on Tristan da Cunha"
The chances of "spotting" a particle on the world's remotest inhabited island are... remote

Scientists, evidently, are amused by the smallest things… and they don’t come much smaller than particles. They’re so tiny, you can’t see them. Which is why it was just the slightest bit surprising to find a news story on the internet, reporting that a new kind of particle had been discovered on Tristan da Cunha.

Even more surprising, it was apparently spotted by the crew of a passing yacht.

A particle, as school students will know, is an item of sub-atomic matter – it might be an electron, a neutrino or even a photon. The dictionary also has it as “a hypothetical object having mass but no physical size.”

This particular particle is called a foolion. Hmm… what was the date on that story?

Find it here.

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