The Sun shines a light on Lisa’s defiance

The Sun newspaper tells the stirring tale of the 12-year-old Falkland Islander who defied an Argentinian invader 30 years ago. It says Lisa Watson refused to budge for the “twitching” commander with the machine gun and faced him down.

Lisa Watson in The Sun. Click the pic to read the story

Lisa is now editor of the islands’ newspaper, Penguin News – a role that has put her in the firing line for Argentinians’ anger once again.

The feature’s headlined: “I defied Argies aged 12 and I’ll keep doing so. Truth is people here are proud to be British”.

Sun man Oliver Harvey gives an assessment of the current situation on the islands, including the implications of oil wealth coming to Stanley.

He quotes the islanders’ offer to use its extra income to share the cost of military protection at RAF Mount Pleasant.

It’s an intelligent, if slightly jingoistic piece of writing, though it should be said that it doesn’t actually have any quotes from Lisa that haven’t already appeared elsewhere, including on this website. Read it here (with thanks to UK-based Falkland Islander Graham Bound for the link).

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