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Funeral is held after Tristan da Cunha beach tragedy

The Tristan da Cunha website reports that the funeral has taken place of the islander who was swept to his death at the start of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

Barry Swain was caught by a wave while crossing a beach on 2 June 2012. Jubilee commemorations two days later were toned down, and a dance was cancelled.

The 26-year-old was found on 5 June. A funeral was held the next day, but not reported immediately.

The website’s UK-based editor, Richard Grundy, writes:

“Tristan da Cunha is a close-knit family community, and so this tragedy has had a huge effect on Islanders, who remain in mourning. Personal information is only released after liaison with and permission from island families. Our thoughts are with those families at this difficult time.”

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Tristan’s ‘Mr Fix-It’ turns 65 – but will Joe really retire?

If it moves on land or water, Joe Green has been the man to sort it out for Tristan da Cunha’s public works department, writes head of department Dave Hendrikse on the website.

But as of Friday, 8 June 2012, Joe is officially a man of leisure.

His last big project before retirement at 65 was refurbishing the island barge, Atlantic Wave. Pictures, and a tribute, appear on the Tristan website, here.