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‘The eagle has landed. The world is now linked to St Helena by air. Lucky world’: the story of St Helena’s first flight, as told by the people on the island

Click the pic to read social media reportage as a small plane flew into the history books https://storify.com/mrsimonpipe/flight-into-history-first-ever-plane-landing-on-st

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Time for The Castle to start tweeting?

Government House in the Falkland Islands has signed up to the internet messaging service, Twitter – widely regarded as the most effective way to reach people with special interests. The governors of Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands have … Continue reading

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Toon Army sends invasion force to St Helena

Manchester United fans on St Helena should prepare for the arrival of a new adversary in the island sport of shouting at the television on soccer match days. A tweet on the internet messaging site Twitter warns that a new … Continue reading

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Must do better: poor school report spells ‘bleak’ future (comments added)

The writing is on the blackboard for St Helena’s economy if islanders don’t wake up to low marks in their schools. A report finds standards are poor, teachers lack training, and without radical change, the jobs outlook is bleak. People … Continue reading

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‘Locals lose out’ as cruise ships turned away

Thousands of cruise passengers who’d called at the Falklands were denied the chance to spend their money in Argentina when port authorities refused two ships permission to dock. British diplomats in Argentina were reported to be ‘frantically’ trying to find … Continue reading

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Editor Lisa is hatched, thatched and mis-matched

It doesn’t bear thinking about in too much detail, but this message from the editor of Penguin News, on the Twitter messaging website, is too good to resist: Lisa Watson @Lisafalklands Best tweet to me this week said I was … Continue reading

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File’s a bitch. And then penguins fly.

On days when no one’s emailing you, just be grateful you’re not the editor of the Penguin News. Lisa Watson has been getting lots of messages in recent weeks, mostly from strangers in Argentina: ‘Mainly I am referred to as … Continue reading

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A long way to go for a capuccino…

Comment on Twitter, the micro-blogging website: Trying to calculate: at what point will it be too late to arrange living out my days running a Starbucks on Tristan da Cunha?

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