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Falkland Islanders to vote on British status

People on the Falklands are to be asked whether they want the islands to remain a UK overseas territory.

A decision was made earlier in 2012 to call a referendum to establish islanders’ views beyond doubt as politicians in Buenos Airies increased pressure for the islands to become part of Argentina.

The wording of the question to be asked in the referendum has now been established, reports Penguin News. It is:

Do you wish the Falkland Islands to retain their current political status as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom?

If a majority say they do not want the islands to remain British, then a further referendum will be held once options have been researched.

The vote is due early in 2012. St Helenians make up about a third of the population of the islands but not all are expected to be entitled to take part in the vote.

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Falkland Islanders to vote on whether to stay British

People on the Falklands are to vote on whether the islands should remain a British overseas territory,.

The island government has called for a referendum among the 3,000 islanders as a way of sending a clear message about whether they want to become part of Argentina, which lies 150 miles away at its nearest point.

The ploy has been announced on the eve of Liberation Day celebrations to mark the end of the brief but brutal war with Argentina 30 years ago, in 1982.The government in Buenos Aires has been stirring up international pressure on Britain over sovereignty of the islands.

The vote will not take place until early next year.

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Falklands to vote on keeping British rule – Reuters

(Note: the Reuters headline confuses Britain’s role in the Falklands, which are actually “ruled” by the islands’ own government in Stanley).