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Newborn Saint Abigail gets a touch of Olympic gold

At less than a week old, Abigail Charlee-Rae Yon was just a little too small to hold the Olympic Torch aloft when it visited the Falkland Islands.

But as the youngest islander – born on 20 July 2012 – she was a natural choice for a touch of Olympic gold when badminton star Rebecca Pantaney visited Stanley.

Rebecca, a Commonwealth Games gold medallist, was one of 8,000 people chosen to carry the Olympic flame on its journey through Britain, and she brought her torch with her to the Falklands. She visits the islands as a coach in her sport.

Young Abigail was photographed with the torch – not carrying it, but sitting on it, with parents Alan and Donna Yon looking on. See the picture here.

Rebecca also took the torch to show scouts and beavers in Stanley.

Children living out in Camp did not miss out, according to the Mercopress news website. Their teachers helped them make their own Olympic torches out of paper.

One of them was carried on a tour of the Leiv Erikssen oil rig. When the flame began to fade, it was taken to the medic – who prescribed a dose of petrol.