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Digital impression of the airport building, all on one lever apart from the control tower

St Helena airport building is cleared for take-off

Digital impression of the airport building, all on one lever apart from the control tower

airport building as approached by road, with six flagpoles flying St Helena flagA new design for St Helena’s proposed airport terminal has been unanimously approved by executive councillors at a special meeting (31 July 2012).

Governor Mark Capes said: “The new design sits well with the surrounding area, using an attractive mix  of glass and natural stone.  It compares very favourably with airport terminals that I have used on many other small islands, and gives us a structure that we can be proud of.”

The special meeting was called because the plan had to approved by the end of the week under the terms of the airport contract.

Mr Capes read out a letter from the planning control board, which considers major planning applications before they are considered by the governor “in council”.

The board said the new look was “a vast improvement in design and finish” compared with the plan originally presented in 2006.

The letter said: “We would like to congratulate the architects.”

After the vote, Mr Capes said: “That was fairly easy, I think.”

Please tell me the “natural stone” will be LOCAL natural stone…
– John Turner, St Helena
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Last walk to landmark before explosions rock airport site
Go-ahead given for Wirebird Hills eco-resort – eventually

St Helena Airport Project

Recycling centre plans wait to be signed off

Plans for a recycling centre have also been submitted by SHAPE – St Helena’s Active Participation and Enterprise – which provides employment for people with learning difficulties and other disabilities. Permission is needed for containers and signs.

The island’s planning board, which meets on Wednesday, is also considering an application from Solomons for new farrowing pens, and a new donkey shelter for the St Helena Donkey Sanctuary.

SHAPE: St Helena’s Active Participation in Enterprise
Planning board agenda 11 July 2012 (Word document)

Extra turbines are in the wind across island (comments added)

Track across Deadwood Plain, passing between turbines
Deadwood Plain (picture: John Grimshaw)

Go-ahead has been given for six new wind turbines to be erected on St Helena – with sites for more being considered on other parts of the island.

St Helena Government says the existing turbines on Deadwood Plain help keep  down the extremely high cost of electricity, which is subsidised at a cost of about £1.5 million a year. Even so, at up to 36 pence a unit, the island rates are thought to be among the highest in the world.

Members of the island’s planning board were briefed about the possible new turbines when deciding whether to allow six extra turbines at Deadwood Plain.

They approved the six, which are to be the same type as those already there.

A second substation will be built to regulate the supply of electricity sent via underground cables to the power station in Rupert’s Valley.

Read Vince Thompson’s report in this Friday’s St Helena Independent

Board members heard investigations were under way to choose sites for more turbines elsewhere on the island, but there was not enough information yet to say what sites might be suitable.

In March, St Helena Government said that the existing turbines had helped save about £250,000 in diesel costs. Without the turbines, it said, electricity would cost an extra 3.3p per unit.

Prices went up from 1 April 2012.

(This story has been updated to correct a statement that further turbines would bring prices down. Though this may be true, its inclusion was an error of interpretation).


Why is nobody using wave power there? An island in the middle of the ocean should have some waves.

– Amy DuPrez, via Facebook

Hydro-thermal may be an option too, and is much less unsightly than wave machines or turbines

– Michael Richards, via Facebook

Electricity tariffs – St Helena Government press release