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Screams pierce the night in High Knoll haunting

One of the ghosts of High Knoll Fort… not thought to be a member of New Horizons

The blood-soaked, knife-wielding maniac who lunged out of the darkness gave a whole new meaning to the term, “family butcher.”

The Hallowe’en haunting of St Helena’s High Knoll Fort was declared “a fantastic night” by Nick Stevens.

Click here for pictures of Hallowe’en 2012

Nick’s New Horizons youth service team had filled the gloom of the fort’s stone rooms with ghouls and grisly scare mongers, for an ambitious fund-raiser.

Shuttle buses brought victims to the old fort like maidens to a vampire’s crypt. “The queues for the haunted house was amazing,” said Nick on Facebook. “The people wouldn’t even leave the queue when we break for 30 minutes.”

The event followed the success of the previous year’s venture, when the team turned Kingshurst Community Centre into a haunted house.

Move along now… there’s nothing weird to see here

Demand for entry was so great that some people were turned away and a bigger venue was chosen, despite the challenges of safety and logistics.

Praise came from the highest echelons of St Helena Government, with financial secretary Colin Owen declaring: “Brilliant night, some great moments with so many people screaming. Count us in for next year!”

St Helena police were in attendance to make sure nothing went wrong – some working as volunteers – and a few brave officers even ventured into the haunted rooms.

Without a search warrant…

When dawn finally came, Nick’s team were left with a massive clean-up job – while the rest of the island celebrated St Helena’s carnival day.

In pictures: Hallowe’en 2012
Prepare for a scare as Nick wakes ghosts of High Knoll Fort

Manchester United fan Nick goes global from St Helena

Nick Stevens in a BBC studio
World Service pundit Nick Stevens once broadcast live from BBC studios in London

Media pundits all round the world have been debating the £25 million signing of footballer Robin van Persie – but when the BBC wanted an expert view, it turned to Nick Stevens in St Helena.

And at the end of his down-the-line assessment of the deal, presenter Amanda Davies told him: “You can be my honourary Manchester United fan. I don’t bestow that honour on anyone.”

The Sportsworld Have Your Say programme pulls in a mix of views from fans and professionals around the globe – and an audience of 44 million people.

Nick Stevens waves a Manchester United scarf in the stands at the team stadium
Nick’s a proud Manchester United fan

Nick – who’s broadcast on the programme a number of times, and also writes for The St Helena Independent – was asked for his views on the transfer of Robin van Persie from Arsenal to Manchester United at the age of 29, close to the end of his playing career.

He said: “I don’t think I have been as excited about the signing of a player since Cantona 1992.

“I know it’s not normal signing somebody at that age. Sheringham signed at 31 and we had four seasons from him.

“I think van Persie is a much more prolific striker so he could fit into the team quite nicely.”

Critics doubted whether van Persie could deliver the high scoring rate such a high transfer fee would suggest, but Nick was unconcerned.

“We don’t need him to score 30 goals,” he said, pointing out that the team already had a number of high scorers. “All we need from him is 15 goals, I think, and that will give us a chance to win the season.”

When the time comes to fill the shoes of 37-year-old Paul Scholes, said Nick, Wayne Rooney could take his place – and van Percie could take over Rooney’s current position.

Nick is evidently well-liked by the team at Sportsworld (even if he hasn’t taught them how to pronounce St Helena’s name yet).

Matt Davies, executive producer, said: “Nick has been a regular contributor with his views on Manchester United.

“Nick was a live guest in the Sportsworld studio when he visited London in June 2010.”

“I am not sure if he is our most isolated pundit but we did note in the office this week that he was the one with the shortest phone number. We guess they don’t need many digits in St Helena.”

Nick is honoured for service to St Helena

Sports World – BBC World Service

Nick is honoured for service to St Helena

Nick Stevens, in shorts and red shirt, accompanies Governor Capes past Scout buglers at St Helena Day
Nick Stevens, in red shirt, escorts Governor Mark Capes at the opening of St Helena Day celebrations (picture: Saint FM / St Helena Independent)

Nick Stevens is to receive a Badge of Honour for the work he does for St Helena, and especially the island’s young people.

As head of the New Horizons youth project in Jamestown he has overseen the organisation of St Helena Day celebrations for the past six years, raising thousands of pounds.

He and his team also organise group activity holidays on Ascension for young Saints, often giving them their first experience of leaving St Helena. Another trip is due to take place in 2013.

Nick gave his reaction on Facebook, saying he was “not sure what capacity I am receiving this for.”

The Badge of Honour and certificate is due to be presented at the Queen’s Birthday Garden Party at Plantation House on Saturday.

The award recognises loyal service by public servants, or “loyal and meritorious conduct that has provided exceptional benefit to the people of St Helena.”

The Certificate and Badge of Honour date back to 1957 but were not given on a regular basis until 2010, when Governor Andrew Gurr presented awards to Ann Sim, Desmond Wade and Robert Robertson.

Awards are also given for bravery.

St Helena Day ‘best to date’, says Nick

Nick Stevens – Facebook

No pressure on island cricketers… but Zambia wants to win

St Helena's national cricket team, in green and yellow strip, chat with Governor Capes before departing the island on 10 April
Governor Mark Capes chatted with St Helena's cricketers before they left on 10 April (picture courtesy of Nick Stevens)

St Helena’s national cricket team will be facing an opponent under pressure in its first-ever venture into an overseas tournament.

Zambia Cricket Union logo - a ball, a flag, grass The head of the Zambian Cricket Union says his own team “must” win the championship in South Africa if it is to get back into a higher division, reports The Times of Zambia.

St Helena is due to compete against ten other countries in the 2012 Pepsi International Cricket Council (ICC) Africa World Cricket league T20 Division Three tournament.

That’s if they all turn up. The newspaper says the Zambia national body “was still scouting for the US$ 5,000 participation fee for the championship and was confident the money will be found before the team leaves next week.”

Unlike the St Helena squad – which has organised a host of challenges to raise money from the community – ZCU president Reuben Chama has appealed to corporate sponsors to put up the fee.

He tells The Times: “We are confident because we have picked a strong team consisting of best players capable of handling this assignment. It is a must that we perform well at this tournament to get back our Division Two rating.”

Team photo of St Helena crickets, in yellow and green kitFrom Facebook:

Q: Is this the team?

Nick Stevens: no thats the cheer leaders the team flying out next week once they finish the first bit of the runway

St Helena cricketers set sail
Camp gives workers a home draw

ZCU picks 14 for Pepsi tourney – The Times of Zambia

St Helena cricketers set sail

St Helena cricketers pose in their team strip before boarding the RMS St Helena
NO CREASES: St Helena's cricket team in their new strip

St Helena’s national cricket team has set sail for South Africa to take part in its first-ever overseas international tournament. Governor Mark Capes told players they were all ambassadors for the island.

The Saints may be the only team in the competition to play a warm-up match at sea: officers on the RMS St Helena have let it be known they were looking forward to taking on the island squad on the sun deck.

The team is taking part in the International Cricket Council Division 3 T20 tournament in Johannesburg from the 25th – 30th April. Teams are also expected from Cameroon, Gambia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Rwanda and the Seychelles.

Details should appear here in due course.

(Picture courtesy of Nick Stevens).