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Royal honour for 120 islanders

Diamond Jubilee Medal - double view showing both faces, with purple ribbonsDiamond Jubilee medals are to be awarded to 120 people on the islands of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

They include 29 recipients on Tristan and 37 on Ascension – and also Fiyanna Maggott, who only received her Golden Jubilee medal last week, ten years late.

The award is given by Her Majesty the Queen as a mark of thanks, as she celebrates 60 years on the throne.

It is given to members of the British armed forces, emergency personnel and prison staff who have given five years’ good service.

Recipients on St Helena will be presented with their medals by His Excellency the Governor during the opening ceremony of the Jubilee celebrations on Monday 4 June 2012, at 10am.

Governor Capes has a surprise for Fiyanna (ten years late)
Heads win every time with Ascension’s jubilee coin

Full list of medal recipients on Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha
Diamond Jubilee Medal

Governor Capes has a surprise for Fiyanna (ten years late)

Fiyanna in uniform receives her medal from Mr Capes
That’s excellent, Your Excellency: Fiyanna gets her medal

By St Helena Government writer

Police constable Fiyanna Maggott received a call to duty of a different type when she was asked to attend a briefing with Governor Mark Capes.

jubilee medal - both faces showing side by side There was a surprise waiting – in the form of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

These medals were awarded in 2002, but an administrative error meant that Fiyanna never received one.

This came to light, in the run-up to this year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and Jeff Ellick, Deputy Chief of Police, without Fiyanna’s knowledge, quietly arranged for a medal to be delivered to St Helena for presentation by His Excellency the Governor.

PC Maggott, who was joined by her partner Derek Henry for the presentation, was clearly delighted.

She said: “I’m happy and honoured to receive this medal, and pleased that our work is recognised in this way.  It was a wonderful occasion.”

Derek and Fiyanna
Partner Derek was in on the surprise

Fiyanna joined the police service as a special police constable in November 1991 to work in the traffic section. In 1995, she attended and passed the initial police training course and was made a constable.

She then worked in the immigration section and this was her primary role until 2004, when she was posted to Ascension Island for four years.

Fiyanna continues to work in the immigration branch and played an important part there when St Helenians had full British citizenship restored in 2002.

All information supplied by St Helena Government press office.

Heads win every time with Ascension’s jubilee coin
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