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Ascension coin toasts The Iron Lady… in silver

Ascension Island has issued a special £2 coin to mark the passing of Baroness Thatcher, the former UK prime minister who sent a task force to the South Atlantic to wrest the Falklands from Argentine invaders. Wideawake Airfield on Ascension … Continue reading

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War papers reveal Thatcher’s fighting talk over Ascension

Newly-released secret papers have revealed how Margaret Thatcher had to stand her ground over Britain’s right to use Ascension Island as an air base during the Falklands War. America’s senior diplomat planned to tell Argentina that UK use of the … Continue reading

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Maggie’s shock at Falklands Invasion – and how Britain nearly agreed to fly the Argentinian flag in Stanley

De-classified documents have revealed the British government’s shock when it realised Argentina was about to invade the Falkland Islands. Only two days before troops walked through Stanley did Thatcher and her advisers realise what was about to happen. In October … Continue reading

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‘I’m not surrendering’ – voice of the late Sir Rex Hunt

A recording of a broadcast by Falklands governor Sir Rex Hunt in the early stages of the Argentine invasion has been posted on the internet. In it, he tells presenter Patrick Watts he won’t surrender to “the bloody Argies”. Sir … Continue reading

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Falklands mourn Sir Rex Hunt, hero of the ’82 invasion

Sir Rex Hunt, the governor of the Falkland Islands who told Argentine forces they were “very uncivilised to invade British territory,” has died, aged 86. Flags were flown at half mast in Stanley, the islands’ capital, and a book of condolence … Continue reading

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Cameron must apologise for cemetery sacrilege, says writer

A call has been made for Britain’s prime minister to apologise to Argentina for a vandal’s act of “sacrilege” at its war cemetery on the Falkland Islands. The glass case protecting a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lujan has … Continue reading

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Picture that angered families of the fallen

A vandal has smashed glass protecting the sacred virgin at the Argentine war cemetery in the Falkland Islands. This picture, by Sebastian Socodo of the Commission Of Families Of Fallen Soldiers, has been published around the world. Read more here.

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Gays who served in Falklands War tell of their pride

Gay men weren’t allowed to serve in the Royal Navy back in 1982, but that didn’t stop some homosexuals sailing off to service in the Falklands War, reports the Pink News website. It tells of Roy “Wendy” Gibson, who declined … Continue reading

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Falkland Islanders gather in snow to mark 30 years of freedom

Falkland Islanders and military personnel paraded in heavy snow to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of Argentina’s occupation of the islands. Read Juanita Brock’s report of the 14 June commemorations here. SEE ALSO: Liberation Day: 1982-2012

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The Falklands invasion as it happened – 30 years on

2 April 1982, Government House, Stanley: “Stop fighting, Mr Hunt! Come out, Mr Hunt! Tell your marines to stop fighting!” It is 30 years since an invasion force landed on the Falkland Islands, starting a brief but brutal war that left … Continue reading

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