Happy birthday Ethel: 100 years old

The oldest person on St Helena, Ethel Sim, has reached her hundredth birthday. She was born on 28 January, 1913 – the year before the First World War.

“I’m not ready, I fancy, I’m not ready for 100 years old,” she told radio reporter Sharon Henry. “I still feel I can rush around, but I can’t, you know.”

Governor Mark Capes and his wife arranged to hold a celebration party for Ethel at their official residence, Plantation House.

Ethel, who lived in Half Tree Hollow before moving to the Community Care Complex, remembers historic events such as the RFA Darkdale being blown up by a German torpedo in James Bay, and the arrival of the island’s first car.

“We would go tearing to the door to watch this car,” she said. “Afterwards we take no notice.”

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