St Helena has been ‘utterly enchanting’, says schools chief

Silhouette of Friar's Rock, a pillar of stone, at sunset
INTO THE SUNSET: Every new vista on St Helena is a delight, says John Sullivan

John Sullivan, who’s leaving St Helena after doing four different jobs in three short visits to the island, has told how he’s been “enchanted” by the experience.

“This has been the most extraordinary two years of my professional life,” says the departing director of education and employment.

“St Helena seeps into you pretty quickly and despite being away from my rapidly growing family, and the inevitable loneliness that creates, it isn’t long before you feel at home.

“This magnetic attraction for St Helena gets stronger with every person you meet, every conversation you have, every delightful vista you experience and even every challenge you face in your work.

“I have been utterly enchanted by the whole experience and especially by colleagues and of course our children.”

John leaves the island on 4 April 2012.

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  1. Speaking as a parent of two school students I’d like to thank John for his contributions. He made a real positive difference during his time here.

  2. Hi John. I’ve created a comment page for this. Thank you. Tough, no-holds-barred feature on low standards coming later today, based on an SHG report that, I’m pretty sure, wasn’t reported in the island newspapers.

    Was the anonymous comment related to people who should resign from an organsation? It appeared in my blog dashboard and I “unapproved” it, but with a note saying I’d use it if it was clarified and strongly urging the writer be identified.


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