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St Helena abuse claims: archive

An investigation has been conducted during 2015 into allegations that sex abuse on the island had been covered up. The island government has introduced extensive measures to tackle the problem. Here are some of the articles published on St Helena Online during the saga:

‘No credible evidence’ as whistle-blowers are cleared again
Judge goes public on adoption case accusations that led to investigation of social workers
Exactly who is – or was – St Helena’s mystery prosecutor?
MP voices concerns as police investigate their accusers
After a ‘terrifying’ year, whistle-blower talks of retribution
Criminal investigation clears sex abuse whistle-blowers
At last, the truth about Attorney General being suspended. But you didn’t hear it from St Helena’s ‘open’ government
Judge offers comfort over tales of power and abuse – but says No to London jobs hearing for whistle-blowers
‘Horror’ of child sex going unchecked – social workers’ claims
DFID sets aside £19.4 million – including child abuse cash
Abuse lawyer pledges to stand up to power – and give a voice to ‘people who have had horrific experiences’
Abuse: don’t drag down the good with the bad, says blogger
Ivy exposes years of inaction over St Helena sex abuse
Top barrister to investigate sex abuse ‘cover up’ claims
The lifelong cost of child abuse – and a plan of action
New safeguarding boss promises action and support for victims
United Nations cash provides a refuge from violence
Incest and violence ‘not uncommon’ says 1990s governor
Hospital and child safety highlighted as aid talks end
Money on offer to tackle sex crimes against children
Island works to end heartache caused by sex offenders

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