Sewage pipe prompts an outpouring of concern

An outbreak of illness that has kept cruise ships away from the Turks and Caicos Islands has prompted a St Helena Online reader to ask why people in Jamestown are not also taking sick – especially visiting yachties.

Caribbean News Now reports that the islands – a British overseas territoriy – have lost millions of pounds because ships have steered clear of the Grand Turk cruise port, following an outbreak of gastroenteritis.

The news site says it may have been caused by problems with the port’s sewage system, where excavation work had recently begun. “Security guards are posted, keeping locals from coming close to the site,” it says.

London Reader, who regularly comments on overseas territories issues, says:

“There’s a sewer in Jamestown that empties at West Rocks in James Bay and depends on ocean current for the [material] to leave the area. It’s near the new yacht mooring area.

“Why Saints and others aren’t dying like flies is unclear.

“Is this good for biodiversity?  I mean of animals and fish, not bacteria.”

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