Pilots bid to give St Helena its own airline

Pilots in the UK are hoping to set up a dedicated airline for St Helena.

The team behind Atlantic Star Airlines has already been in talks with the Department for International Development and the island’s eco resort developer, Shelco.

Its existence has been known to some islanders for some time, but it was made public on Saint FM in an interview with Linda Houston of Shelco.

She said: “Atlantic Star are a team that have been interested in air access to St Helena since, I believe, 2003.

“They are very hungry to have an opportunity to pitch for this contract. They are linked up with a number of people in the air industry.

“I am reluctant to say too much because I know DFID will be having some tender process. We have to be careful on that, there will be other potential operators.

“We are talking to Atlantic Star because they approached us for information about numbers of customers and things like that. It shows a lot of initiative on their part.

“We are very supportive of what they are wanting to do. We are quite keen on the concept they have and they believe it’s viable to fly from the UK via Europe to St Helena and include flights to the Cape and to Ascension and maybe even to the Falklands, although that always seems to be a little bit trickier because of the distance.”

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