New ship heads for Tristan – and Caitlin, 5, goes ‘home’

A new research ship that is set to become a familiar sight off Tristan da Cunha has begun its service in the far South Atlantic.

The SA Agulhas II was scheduled to make its maiden voyage on 6 September 2012, carrying meteorologists to Gough Island and dropping 38 people off at Tristan on the way.

Pictures of the new ship alongside its predecessor, the “much loved” SA Agulhas, appear on the shipping news page of the website. 

The site also reports the arrival of the MV Edinburgh for the start of the fishing season, with 12 passengers including five-year-old Caitlin MacKenzie, daughter of factory manager Eric.

The site says: “Caitlin is a very special visitor as she was born on Tristan in January 2007 and was baptised here before returning to Cape Town with her mum and dad. Unfortunately her mother Claire has been unable to return to Tristan because of work committments, so Caitlin is retuning to Tristan with her dad, for a few months.”

Shipping news – Tristan da Cunha website

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