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Lamps will give Main Street an old-fashioned glow

First there was St Helena in Bloom; next it’s traditional paving and ‘heritage lighting’ in Jamestown’s Main Street.

With a new car park behind the museum almost complete, work is about to start on making St Helena’s ‘city centre’ more attractive, says the Tourist Office.

Traditional kerb stones in Main Street will be lifted and re-set, and the concrete surface will be replaced with paving slabs. Works will also be undertaken ‘to improve the management of utilities under the paving surface and to prepare for the installation of the heritage lighting.’

The idea of handing out paint to smarten up buildings in the street – an important first impression for visitors – is also being taken up.

‘Paint will shortly be available to those individuals and businesses who requested this, and so, along with the work currently being undertaken by St Helena Government, the frontage of many properties along Main Street should also see improvement in the coming weeks.’

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