Governor’s Cup: Sandpiper 2 slips behind in duel with Banjo

This is how the Governor’s Cup yacht fleet looked as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. Two days earlier, there was speculation that Sandpiper 2 might shrink the lead established by the trimaran Banjo – first across the … Continue reading →

Why Banjo sailed so fast: it was being chased by a bagpiper

The yacht Banjo became the first to reach St Helena in the Governor’s Cup yacht race at 17:35:24 local time on New Year’s Day. A detailed report will follow later. Chasing yacht Sandpiper 2 was expected at around midday on … Continue reading →

Curry sauce and choice language: island crew’s race adventure

St Helena’s crew in the 2012 Governor’s Cup yacht race sailed home from South Africa on a diet of curry sauce – and blocked the lavatory twice. Skipper CHRIS “HEDGE” SHUTER reports. The race was a great adventure for the crew, … Continue reading →

Which comes first: the airline, or the eco resort?

Enterprise St Helena is locked in a “chicken and egg” stand-off with Shelco over its planned Wirebird Hill resort, according to Britain’s Financial Times newspaper. Writer Horatio Clare says that St Helena – “perhaps the strangest of tropical islands” – may … Continue reading →

New radio group bids to revive Saint FM

Efforts are being made to relaunch Saint FM – as a charity. Founder Mike Olsson, who closed the station on 21 December 2012, will not be a member of the management committee, but will produce the daily news bulletins and … Continue reading →

Flowers for a St Helena slave

A small wreath rests on the grave of Samuel Ally, a St Helena slave boy who won his freedom, only to die as a teenager on an island far away. The ring of ivy and bright flowers was laid in an Isle … Continue reading →

Cruise ship departs St Helena with happy passengers

The cruise ship MSC Sinfonia has sailed from James Bay after landing passengers on St Helena at the second attempt. The sea had been deemed to rough to allow them ashore when the ship arrived on the morning of Sunday, 20 January 2013, but … Continue reading →

Graham beats Jacob’s Ladder record – hands down

The record for climbing Jacob’s Ladder has been broken by less than a second – by a “runner” who went up on all fours. Graham Doig cleared the 699th step of the St Helena landmark in a time of 5 minutes, … Continue reading →

Happy birthday Ethel: 100 years old

The oldest person on St Helena, Ethel Sim, has reached her hundredth birthday. She was born on 28 January, 1913 – the year before the First World War. “I’m not ready, I fancy, I’m not ready for 100 years old,” she … Continue reading →

Castle Plaza? Tourist chiefs get twenty-twenty vision

Possible changes to Jamestown’s historic centre are to be put to the public as St Helena prepares for the advent of air travel. Ideas such as a plaza outside The Castle for open-air dining have been set out in a paper … Continue reading →

Steeple appeal is launched as Ivy clings to her dream

Ivy Ellick’s dream of restoring the steeple to Jamestown’s parish church has taken a first step to being realised – more than 30 years after she vowed to make it happen. She and fellow churchwarden Cathy Hopkins have launched an … Continue reading →

Hoteliers fall for island’s cliff-top fortress

Ladder Hill Fort has been chosen by visiting hoteliers as the ideal site for them to create luxury tourist accommodation. Adrian Gardiner, founder of the Mantis Collection, said: “I think it’s one of the most exceptional sites I have seen in the world.” … Continue reading →

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