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Jamestown prison story goes global

Last week’s story about conditions in St Helena’s “unfit” gaol have been shared around the world on a prison news website.

The Prison Enquirer has re-run the story of councillors’ refusal to consider a plan to create a new facility at Sundale House in Half Tree Hollow – despite having already agreed the move in principle.

The piece runs alongside others about prisoners facing the death penalty, and “kids locked up for life” in America.

Acting governor Owen O’Sullivan reported that the councillors felt they were prevented from making a decision in the run-up to an election.

The island’s executive council meets in secret and members are forbidden from revealing details of their discussions in public, so it is not possible to report on the arguments put forward.

Last week, nine prisoners were being kept in three cramped and poorly ventilated cells, and a tenth had opted to stay in a police holding cell outside the prison.

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LINK: The Prison Enquirer



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