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Honeymoon Chair is swamped as tree surgery goes wrong

Bougainvillea and broken support post slumped over the honeymoon chair
The damaged bougainvillea slumps over the concrete Honeymoon Chair (picture: Saint FM / Facebook)

The Honeymoon Chair on Jamestown waterfront – one of St Helena’s best-loved spots – has been badly damaged.

Saint FM reports that a tractor was used to remove a branch from the bougainvillea that grew over the seat… and the entire tree toppled over.

The school swimming gala was taking place just a few yards away.

Visit Saint FM’s Facebook page to see pictures, and read comments. Here are some of them:

Shirley Gillian Green that honeymoon chair means a lot to us Saints. Lots of cherished memories.

Gilly May Key what a shame. If only that Honeymoon Chair could talk.

Dave Stevens No care for the sentimental value such a historic icon holds. Those of us abroad think about going home and sit there watching the sun set. That’s that ruined..

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