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Governor’s Cup winner says ‘never again’ (on that yacht)

The winning skipper in the 2012 Governor’s Cup yacht race has hailed it an “incredible” experience – that he had no wish to repeat.

At least, not on such a small yacht.

The 29-foot Reaction won the overall Governor’s Cup – not open to multihull yachts – as the first monohull to reach James Bay, a few minutes inside 12 days.

Skipper Tinus Groenewald told SHBC reporter Sherilee Phillips: “It’s like a dream come true – fantastic feeling.

“This was our third attempt and at last we’ve got it. We worked very hard on virtually the smallest boat to make it. It’s a great great great feeling.”

Asked whether he would compete again, he said: “Not on the same boat. It’s too hard. I think we’ve achieved what we wanted to do but next time I come past here I’ll come cruising again.

“I think it’s an incredible package because you get the racing part, you get the week on the island, which is absolutely fantastic – it must be the most honest, friendliest place on Earth – and then you get the trip back on the RMS St Helena, which is just as great.”

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