Boer War prisoners

Sergeant Arthur Jones was based on St Helena when the island was used to hold 5,000 Boer War prisoners. He returned home with a photograph album, which turned up at his regimental museum many years later.

Now the curator of the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum in Lancaster, UK, has said he would be grateful for help in putting captions to the pictures.

A hundred of the photographs have been published on the internet. Many are captioned simply “St Helena”. Others show one of the two main Boer camps – but which one? Perhaps people who know the island could identify them from the hills in the background (please use the form at the bottom of this page).

More than 5,000 Boer PoWs arrived on St Helena between 1900 and 1902. Some of them did not survive to return home: they are buried in a well-maintained hillside cemetery at Knollcombes.

More pictures can be found on the museum website, here – including some of familiar St Helena scenes.


King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum