Focus on farming: special report

Cattle 1 640  by Neil George
Cattle graze on the west of St Helena. Picture: Neil George

Food is at the heart of life on St Helena but imports must come down, farming must become more professional, and government must take it more seriously, according to a draft agricultural policy. Click the links for stories from the Growing Forward plan.

Food imports keep rising after years of farming failures
Farming syndicates face loss of land in efficiency drive
Learn to fight pests and diseases, farmers are told
Agriculture on St Helena needs to go hi-tech, says report
Young hopefuls urged to take a risk on farming
Sniff out the coffee grounds… and the bees
Papaya may pay as island tries to beat fruit fly pest
Reap as you sow: why more money is needed for farming
Food is the key to island life – and tackling its health crisis
Small-scale growers ‘have a role’ as farming goes pro
After the dry spell, paper warns of climate swings
Old ways pose risk to island food plan

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