Finance chief leaves island urgently over health scare

Paul Blessington head and shoulders
Paul Blessington
Paul Blessington head and shoulders
Paul Blessington

St Helena’s Financial Secretary, Paul Blessington, has been advised to seek urgent medical attention. He was due to leave St Helena for South Africa on Thursday, 12 July 2012.

A statement from The Castle says: “The St Helena Government sends its best wishes to Paul and looks forward to his early return to the Island. The Finance Directorate will cover Paul’s responsibilities while he is off-Island.”

The RMS St Helena is in dry dock in Cape Town, but Paul was able to secure a trip to South Africa on board the airport supply ship.

Paul is well known on St Helena not only as a senior official but also as the energetic leader of the Jamestown Scouts. He recently accompanied them on a trip to Ascension.

He is also a keen runner and holder of the record for the run from Jamestown to the summit of Diana’s Peak. He took part in the St Helena Day race up Jacob’s Ladder in May, but did not defend his title in the Festival of Running last month.

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