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Film makers focus on the Falkland spirit

Two young film makers are planning to cross the Falkland Islands to try to record the lives of islanders.

Jamie Gallant and Vern Cummins – one American, one a Brit – fly out in June, in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere winter.

The timing should at least help them uncover the resilience that Jamie found on a recce visit in 2011.

Their website says: ’51º South  is the untold story of these extraordinary people.

‘June 2012 will mark the 30th Anniversary of the war. And while the attention of others will focus on the events of the past, our story offers the exceptional opportunity to finally capture the experiences, hardships, and diversity of the characters that construct the patchwork of this truly unique culture. A culture that, no matter how small, challenging or remote its existence may be, commands the attention of nations around the globe.’

I’m not sure their story is ‘untold’, but the last bit is certainly true.

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