Falklands Liberation Day: 1982 – 2012

Map of the Falklands with the words Falkland Islands Liberated 14th June 1982 in a circle round the outsideParades and commemorations to mark the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the Falklands have taken place across the the UK and in the islands.

In Stanley, islanders attended a service of commemoration in falling snow.

The Falkland Islands flag was flown over 10 Downing Street – the home of Britain’s Prime Minister – as a tribute to those who died in the conflict, “and a show of solidarity with the islanders” on 14 June 2012, reported The Sun newspaper.

The Ministry of Defence flew the flags of the three armed services that drove out the Argentinian occupation.


I hope amid the celebrations there will be time to remember all those who died or were injured in the conflict – on BOTH sides.

– John Turner, St Helena
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