Fairyland and The Gates of Chaos: a St Helena word cloud

Jumbles of words are all the rage these days – they’re called word clouds – so here’s a completely gratuitous list of St Helena place names that are fun to put through the Wordle website:

Asses Ears, Bamboo Hedge, Bencoolen, Bilberry Gut, Billy Birch Cliff, Breakneck Valley, Broad Gut, Buttermilk Point, Cabbage Tree Road, Cavalho Hole, Cowpath, Deadwood, Devil’s Cap, Devil’s Hole, Diana’s Peak, Distant Cottage, Dolly’s Chop House, Donkey Plain, Ebony Plain, Egg Island, Elephant Rock, Fairyland, Fox’s Folly, Frenches Gut, Friar’s Rock, Goldmine Gate, Great Stone Top, Half Tree Hollow, Half Moon Battery, The Haystack, Head o’Wain, Heart-Shape Waterfall, Holdfast Tom, Iron Pot, Jacob’s Ladder, Jimmy Lot’s Spring, King and Queen Rocks, Knotty Ridge, Ladies Bath Spring, Lemon Tree Gut, Lot’s Wife Ponds, Man and Horse, Maniti Bay, Mount Actaeon, Mulberry Gut, Nettle Flat, Old Luffkins, Piccolo Hill, Portugee Battery, Potato Bay, Pounceys, Repulse Point, Rock Rose, The Run, Sane Valley, Scotland, Sharks Valley, Sisters’ Walk, Sugar Loaf Ridge, Teutonic Hall, Turks Cap, Willowbank.

Bencoolen was one of my favourite spots, a rocky ridge covered in Old Man’s Beard but not featured on any of the dramatic Post Box Walks around the island. At one stage it looked as if it might be leveled to make room for the new airport runway, but the Coalition had an attack of common sense and went for something a bit shorter, thus saving £100 million pounds, and a fine little mountain.

And yea, I have passed through The Gates of Chaos. They’re in a dry valley just up from Sandy Bay. No one goes there.

John Grimshaw, who blogs about the history of St Helena, has a post explaining how Bencoolen was given its name by the East India Company. Read it here.

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