We’ll help island teachers end years of failings, says director

St Helena’s own teachers must be properly trained and rewarded if severe problems in the island’s schools are to be resolved, according to its new director of education. Colin Moore spoke candidly at a public meeting about a litany of problems with the way the island’s education system had been run, stretching back many years. Continue reading →

Maths meeting (June 2012): full transcript

A meeting on a severe ongoing shortage of maths teachers was attended by 160 parents, staff and politicians on 13 June 2012. Click here for a full transcript (5,000 words – to be edited soon).

Education failings ‘go back years’ – but director promises action

At a June 2012 public meeting, St Helena education director Colin Moore was candid about failings in the island’s education system that went back years – and promised strong action, including better treatment of teachers.

Experts, expats and what England expects: a governor’s view, part 2

Posted on 9 June, 2012

Andrew Gurr, immediate past governor of St Helena, has been sharing his insights from his recent four-year stint behind the big desk in The Castle in Jamestown. He briefly mentioned low educational attainment.

Maths crisis prompts appeal for teaching help

A teaching crisis at St Helena’s Prince Andrew School has prompted an extraordinary appeal for help from anyone with maths skills. It was put out after the island’s only full-time maths teacher fell ill – in the run-up to GCSE exams.

School top job requires a head for humour

The ability to laugh in the face of adversity was not exactly a required qualification for St Helena’s next head teacher, but it might come in handy.

Must do better: poor school report spells ‘bleak’ future

Special report: the writing is on the blackboard for St Helena’s economy if islanders don’t wake up to low marks in their schools. A report finds standards are poor, teachers lack training, and without radical change, the jobs outlook is bleak. Continue reading →

Education on St Helena: ‘Teachers can earn more as cleaners’

News report: Educational standards are too low on St Helena and the outlook for jobs is ‘bleak’ if there is not a radical change of culture – not just in the schools. That’s according to an official report. Continue reading →

St Helena has been ‘utterly enchanting’, says schools chief

John Sullivan, who’s leaving St Helena after doing four different jobs in three short visits to the island, has told how he’s been “enchanted” by the experience. “This has been the most extraordinary two years of my professional life,” he says Continue reading →

Economic dream needs better education, says director

St Helena has a “huge need” for better education if it is to create a viable economy, said the man who stepped down as head of schooling on the island in March. John Sullivan gave his warning in a farewell message that called for everyone on the island to play a part in raising standards. Continue reading →


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  1. I am not surprise with poor educational quality of saint helena. I am a trained,qualified and experienced teacher, i forwarded my application to education department many times,they rejected me because I am an African. you are at liberty to verify my claims.

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